Converse: Auckland Modern

On this Converse USA advertisement, I worked for Pleid and Serial Cut as a Freelance Houdini TD.

I was responsible for different FLIP simulations, as well as the research and development needed for the implementation of different VEX based effects that helped fulfill the client’s needs that FLIPs couldn’t completely fulfill satisfactorily.


Client: Converse USA
Agency: Anomaly
Direction: Serial Cut

Art Direction: Serial Cut
Animation Production: Pleid
Animation Direction: Juanma Mota
3D Modelling: Carlos Pecino

Animators: Víctor M. de Luis, Rafa E. García, Marta J. Mota
3D Generalists: Víctor M. de Luis
VFX Artists: Marta J. Mota, Nicolás Ramiro
Compositing: Juanma Mota
Sound Design: Heardcity